Time to party…

There’s more to life than books, you know. But not much more. 
But actually, there is more. I’d love to see you for the launch celebration of The Rock ‘N’ The Roll. N’ That…
On Tuesday 19th March I’ll be at Chorlton’s The Creameries and I hope you will join me.  

The Creameries is Chorlton’s newest and best bar/restaurant. What-do-you-mean-you’ve-not-been-If-you-don’t-believe-me-read-The-Sunday-Times-review!    
There’s going be a (short) reading and Simon Buckley (of Not Quite Light) will be putting me under the spotlight with a Q&A. Imagine ‘The Trip’ with a distinctly less funny Steve Coogan and an even camper Rob Brydon…
I’m delighted Simon is able to take the time out from preparations for his upcoming NQL festival.
Booze and non-flavoured booze drinks will be served and books and T-shirts will be available on the night from our merch table!  
It’ll be a great opportunity for me to thank in person everyone that has supported the book and helped get it this far.
If you want to attend please be aware that space is limited so sign up here with The Creameries for your FREE TICKET

A little help from my Friends…

I know it’s probably a bit cheeky asking you for a bit more help but “don’t ask don’t get”… so here goes…
It would help me massively if you could pop over to the book’s Amazon Page and leave a review. I’ve discovered real life bookshops love to see this stuff and it will mean I’ll get more chances to get it out to a wider audience.
Also if you know someone who might like this book please feel free to forward this email to them to spread the love… or if you’re feeling super generous you can them a copy as a present from my Amazon page above… or even better a signed copy direct from me from my website here….
the book

That’s all for now an hopefully I’ll see you at Creameries on March 19th…
Gilly x

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